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I believe it is special when someone overcomes their unconscious mental blocks. It is amazing when someone discovers their power after years of feeling helpless. It is memorable when one learns to let go of what is not serving them to embrace acceptance.

Over the years I have been privileged to share personal journeys of many people. This blog is about the extraordinary resolve and courage the human psyche is capable of when given the right support. Heart warming stories of people who were able to see their own light once they learnt to overcome inherent resistance. It’s also about something our society does not do too well in, teaching and learning life skills( as opposed to livelihood skills). Mostly it is about not-giving up and hanging in there till one reaches a space of wellbeing. And self-care. It’s about discovering resilience.

While each post is inspired by a real life case, the specific details about the individuals have been altered to maintain anonymity. This blog is not intended to be an academic exercise of different case studies. This is meant to be an easy read for people who are fence-sitters while considering help for their problems. A sort of proof, that help is available in safe, confidential and supportive environment in a professional counselling relationship. A gentle reminder- that it is all right to reach out and seek support. In one of my mentor’s words- “Its a path well- trodden.”

I invite you to read and share the transformational journeys of people from the ordinary to the extraordinary realm of courage and self awareness. And be inspired.


A free spirit. Merrily married. Proud mother of two beautiful souls. Relentless seeker of meaningful connections. And yes, a professional counsellor, psychologist and breath-mindfulness coach.

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